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sellick (h) fred 19/08


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Just now, mitch14 said:

Where has all this organisation been? They look like a team with a plan. Thomas working really well in the middle. Night and day from Parkhead 

Thought they were ok first half, wee lapse in concentration is all that separates us. Good bit of fighting for the ball too. Defence looks a  bit more organised without Broadfoot

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We've done ok. Kept our shape well and limited them to a lot of pointless passing. Greer is orchestrating the back four and they are listening to him. 

The goal was sloppy. Friz stopped Rogic getting a shot but let him angle the cross to the unmarked man in the box.

We look to have a threat on the attack. Boyd is being a nuisance 

Thomas is a different threat in the middle. He's done ok. Criticism is he could get tighter to Brown. 

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Boyd must have misread the "Press with a purpose" message in the dressing room and be wondering when the porpoise will arrive. 

He could learn a lot from the likes of Thomas and Jones in application. 

If he hasn't got the legs, he should chuck it. He offers nothing. 



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