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1 minute ago, PrestersKtid said:

Greer as captain is a no brainer. Dicker as deputy

Deputy Dicker has a certain ring to it. 

Sheriff Greer and deputy Dicker.

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Just seen the highlights could've beat them certainly an improvement on the last few games. Wonder what was said at players meeting. Well done to the 163 fans for attending.

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Reckoned last season that one of our most effective midfield combinations v Rangers was Hawshaw and Dicker holding, Frizzel right, Taylor left and Kiltie sitting in behind the striker.

Would be good to see that combination again soon. Obviously need to find a place and role for Jones in there as well, so maybe:



Prior to Dicker and Kiltie reaching fitness....Friz where Kiltie would be and maybe McKenzie again in the Dicker position.

Seems to be more effective than the Smith-Wilson pairing. Slight drawback is lack of height, but energy levels and workrate are there in abundance.Waters could turn out to be a decent LB enabling Taylor to move further forward. Certainly a lot for LM to ponder after yesterday's improvements.

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23 hours ago, Bullitt said:

Gordon Greer should be club captain. It's as simple as that. 

Smith isn't a captain or a leader and even if he was, being injured 4 months a year isn't ideal

Thing is, stuff which is blindingly obvious to fans doesn't seem to be as simple for the management team to grasp. I remember watching Snmith after we had lost a goal at RP last season - can't remember which, plenty of candidates - and he just trundled off back to his full back positon without saying a word to anyone, no cajoling or encouragement to the players he was supposed to be leading and basically a "do not disturb" sign on his armband. It is hard to imagine how anyone could have thought he was captaincy material. I've actually not minded him as much as others on the forum in midfield - until that utterly brainless challenge against the Accies that is. Am sure Greer will be appointed captain soon but, a bit like Saturday's tactical change, it will need to have been forced on the management team rather than any proactive decision being made.

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10 hours ago, Squirrelhumper said:

Greer is a breath of fresh air.

By far the best signing LM has made.

Seemingly he was all but signed for Aberdeen in January but fell through at the last minute.

Class shines through.

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