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Attendance tonight

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8,998. If we're going to fiddle with reported attendances, we could at least be a bit less obvious about it! Where are you fitting another 9,000 bodies in to that ground?

Aberdeen fans reported as 1,400. So they're claiming another 3,000 Dons fans could fit in there? Mental. Moffat Stand holds 4400, so let's say there's 2,000 in there leaving 2,400 seats free. We're supposed to believe there's another 4,000 seats going spare in the East and Frank Beattie?

Something doesn't add up!

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1 minute ago, Squirrelhumper said:

plenty empty spaces in FB. Top of Moffat was about 2/3rds full. 

I couldn't see the whole stand it was as busy as it's been in a long time where I was. Would be magic if a load of the guys who came tonight keep coming back.

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Before it was announced, I guessed that it was about 8-9000. It is always less than you would think because people spread themselves out leaving seats vacant due to lack of legroom. There were quite a few empty spaces towards the Dundonald Road end of the East Stand; the top section in the Moffat wasn't quite full, and the bottom section was completely empty; the Aberdeen fans wouldn't have filled half of the Chadwick Stand and even in the Frank Beattie stand (where I was) there was the odd seat not occupied. Add in the bits where seats have been removed and I reckon that 9000 is about right.

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13 minutes ago, Jamsie said:

I hope they are "fiddling" the crowds. Sure Steve will spend a few thousand tax free £20s well. 

Considering we're giving Aberdeen half the gate after deducting expenses it's no wonder we declare the minimal crowd we can get away with! This is how it has worked for decades.

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6 minutes ago, Gavin Wallace said:

They count all bodies in seats 

Every day is a school day! I ken Peter sits with a clicker, but I thought the read out attendance was just off the computers. I happily withdraw my statement.

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Stadium was the fullest it's been in ages, atmosphere was amazing and we are in a position where we can be disappointed about being narrowly pipped to a Hampden trip and we are quibbling about how many folk were, or were not, there?! 

Some things never change.

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