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gers away, Fred

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9 minutes ago, historyman said:

The middle of the park could be where the game is won or lost. Our guys certainly have the ability to boss the game in there. 

Very much this, today especially.

I think I'd have preferred to see a strong-tackling Power in there rather than Tshibola, but SC knows what he's doing!

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Does anyone have a better station to listen to the football than Sportsound? It's great to hear Killie getting so much coverage, but all this we'll "be lucky to keep Stevie Clarke in the summer" talk is getting boring. He's stated numerous times that he's here to see out his contract, why are they persisting with this non-news?

I thought Tuesday night was bad when it was all Willie Miller, but today is getting just as bad. Just bloody let us enjoy the wave, stop trying to have Clarke moved on before we see the best of the team! D*cks.

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