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2018 World Cup

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For clarity. I copy and pasted this from an article in the guardian pre World Cup from Dutch author.  It was a test.  Thanks though for seeing the poster and not the post, I appreciate it.  X 

Nothing to do with that at all. I don't see the need for it on the forum from anyone and have mentioned it a few times in the past. 

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Terrific result from Mexico , could have made it easier for themselves with some better finishing....kind of result that will give other teams a boost fo the games to come 

Germany surprisingly looked ill prepared for how Mexico like to play ... and thier so called star players were mostly anonymous 


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3 hours ago, casual observer said:

Naw, they were reliant on a bit of Messi creation or shot from outside the box to win the game, as they had nothing going on as soon as Iceland scored. Try and keep up

Am still getting to the end of Sunday. Tell me when it’s all over and how many times England win it 

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Enjoying the tournament so far , late goals and all that helps !

VAR....... some good use of it already but also some confusing lack of it at crucial points , also at times referees seem reluctant to make the important decisions themselves even obvious ones 

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Thought England started really well tonight. They’ve got some great attacking players and should have done better in front of goal. I’d be very surprised if a team with Jordan Henderson as the midfield lynchpin was a serious contender at the World Cup. He struggled to get to grips in there tonight and the opposition after the next game should only get better in that area as well as the rest of the park. 

Its been a decent tournament so far. Some surprise wins. Spain vs Portugal the best game IMO. Hopefully the first round of fixtures has done enough to wake up the big guns

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16 minutes ago, casual observer said:

Henderson was a driving force in the second half when the team in general slowed down and created less. His drive and leadership is important in that young side. Dele Alli and Ashley Young need replaced for next game, Loftus-Cheek & Rose better choices imo. 

Would not be suprised if Dele Alli is not sent off in the upcoming games a bit of a hot head

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43 minutes ago, Scouser2 said:

VAR in running for player of tournament ..  With another penalty originally "missed" by the ref in today's game ...getting awarded later 

You have to wonder if they are missed or if the refs are now just leaving it to VAR to decide. (as they have been instructed to do with close offside calls) 


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