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Kilmarnock Poppy Pins

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I will be having one of those as an ex serviceman myself and a proud Killie fan I will wear it with pride 

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11 hours ago, Wrangodog said:

Seem to remember somebody posting about this last year, well there is a Killie one now.


I mentioned this last year as the only ones I can remember them doing were Mwell Hearts and Celtic I think, I contacted the club and also made a few inquiries via Poppy Scotland glad they have got together with clubs as they look great.

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On 10/8/2018 at 1:52 AM, Ayrshire_greasemonkey said:

Just got two one for me and one for my ex Scots Guard brother he doesn’t know he’s getting it but that’s what he gets for supporting Liverpool 

I have just ordered for my killie one on line now have a liverpool won as well

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59 minutes ago, Cill Mheàrnaig said:

Well said - remembering ALL victims of war and a challenge against the glamourisation of war and the military.

Just one question, who glamourises war or the military? It is different to be proud of the bravery shown by soldiers, sailors and airmen for the wars of the past, and the word glamour tbh, having seen the effects of war on our service personnel I can confirm there is little or no glamour.

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