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Gers Match Fred

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Just now, bute-killiefan said:

Minus Broadfoot, this is the strongest team we could field just now. Hopefully 'Jonesy' can remain professional and put in a performance

Become professional you mean. 

I thought the radio were bigging him up a bit much pre match. There was one valid point though he owes the manager big time. The obvious decision was hang him out to dry but SSC stood by him. JJ didn’t repay the faith on Saturday he has to deliver tonight 

I know he struggled previously but Boyd at CB makes sense. More natural than Dicker and IMO we are a better side with Dicker as the midfield anchor. 

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Buzzing for kick off got down here parked nice n early just as the team came out :hurrah: 

Billy Dodds sounds nervous on the BBC about them changing their shape to incorporate Davis and Defoe let’s hope the wee pudding is right 

Let’s hope Jones has the game of his life and rises to the occasion can only be a good thing for us if he does 

delighted to see Dicker back in the middle and Burke starting 


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Broadfoot being on the bench suggests he's on the way back which is a relief as we are an injury to Findlay away from a really difficult situation there. I would have been tempted to shelter Jones and use Ndjoli. It's a lose, lose situation for him tonight in my opinion but SSC knows better than me.

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4 minutes ago, Crocket said:

Seen a few black and white scarfs in East stand.....anyone know what that's about?

The anniversary scarf?


It's not black, it's really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really  dark blue. You have to be careful with the scarves, they'll shaft you every time

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