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A View From The Terrace

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Enjoyed it. Good to hear about lower league stuff and broad spectrum of team information and discussion. Guys on the couch actually sounded as if they researched their topics. Wonder if Sportsound guys were listening and taking notes.

Hopefully won’t become like other things in Scotland only focusing on 2 in breeds. 

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It won’t I wouldn’t think, the podcast has an unwritten rule that they can’t have more than 40% of the show being rangers and Celtic and most of them support other teams, mainly hearts. 


The podcast is great as well, really enjoy the lower league one as well on a Thursday 

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Just now, mathematics said:

And that’s an awful lot.

So, so much!

O’Donnell is my gran’s maiden name so I’m imagining Stephen and I are related and are going to become mates and bake empire biscuits together. 

We’ll bring some round and share them with you and Grant (if he’s allowed out of the basement).


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7 minutes ago, mathematics said:

It’ll be best if we just sit in the basement to be honest.

Fair shout. That’s fine. I’ll bring a torch.

When Lewis met him yesterday there was zero ‘Good luck with the game’ chat. Straight in with ‘Well done with the empire biscuits!’ 

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21 hours ago, killieblues said:

What a bag of s**te. The guys seem to know very little about football, ridiculous pathetic giggling (mustn't be able to pay for canned laughter), and poor presenting. I've given it 3 shows, the record link is getting binned now!

What a bag of s**te. They're extremely knowledgeable about Scottish football, as most who watched the episodes or listen to their podcasts would attest to. I get that it might not be for everyone, but they're making their first TV show and are doing extremely well IMO. Give me it over the usual OF sycophants any day.

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loving the program. It has grown from first week. They looked nervous at first but now getting relaxed and natural

They are knowledgable about life outside top league, when most of BBC Scotland radio team cant name a player outside two Glasgow bigot fests.

pat bonner can never name a player that is not in green and white hoops! Yet he is wheeled out for ever celtic home game commentary 



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11 minutes ago, Killie alan said:

I quite like it it’s so refreshing to hear from non old filth supporters talking about the  game . I know people don’t like it but it’s different from the norm no pundits thank god like billy Dodds and willie miller 

Thankfully the title of the show suggests it won't ever go that way. It is by fans for fans and for me totally fits in with the modern view of the absolutely bats**t mental world of Scottish football.

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