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Any phone experts on here?

I'm constantly running close to my data allowance and this month I got a very early alert that I'd already used 80%. Since then I have not browsed or checked emails other than over wifi, and, sad as it sounds, have monitored the remaining data as it puzzles me how quickly it seems to be eaten up.  ( Most of my use is normally over wifi)

Despite the wifi- only use for the past few days data is still decreasing, albeit at a smaller rate. It's still a few MB per day which I don't really understand. Apart from home wifi, I have used 02 wifi, and did notice a decrease after a few minutes of using this. I don't use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc and would only send a photograph over iMessage, and even then mostly via wifi. 

I know the longer term solution is maybe to change my tarrif but in the meantime I am trying to find out if there is something glaring  I am missing as far as data consumption goes. 

Have an iPhone on 02 with unlimited calls and texts, and 1GB data. 

Be obliged for any insight. 

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35 minutes ago, Stefanus said:

...1GB data...

That's a pretty small amount of data these days.

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Mobile phones (well the apps at least), are constantly phoning home to update stuff. 

It may be that the Wifi reception isn't great in some places and the phone is switching to mobile data until it picks up the Wifi again. 

I think in Android you can see which apps are using the most data, but I'm not sure about iOS. 

You could also check the settings in your mail app to tell it only to check for mail when you open it, rather than constantly check in the background, and it may have a setting only to use WiFi (Spotify has this too, in case you use that). 

@Lroy is right though, you should be able to get 8GB a month for about £20.

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On 7/13/2019 at 2:43 PM, Scooby_Doo said:

you should be able to get 8GB a month for about £20.

You should be able to get 8Gb for £10 or 20-50Gb for £20 but that's by-the-by if you're tied into a 2 year contract. 

That's the rub with these 'deals', they offer the latest super-duper phones but can't get the best out of it with the measly data allowance they give you, so you're fannying about trying to find wi-fi hotspots and switching your Mobile Data on and off  to save a few megabytes instead if getting on with enjoying the thing you're paying through the nose for.

Good advice in the previous post there ...if you can, toggle all apps to wi-fi only then switch them to 'data use' if and when you need to. 

If you need more data allowance, chat with your telco and ask nicely if they'll increase it for free, nothing ventured and all that. Or if they won't budge, look into an affordable sim-only deal that means you don't need to be concerned with data usage.

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For £20pm I got a 12 month sim only deal on Virgin for Unlimited Calls and messages and 200GB Data with 50% rollover, so I always start with 300GB PM.  Never used more than 150GB pm with it plugged into computers and a PS4 as their internet connection  That sits in my iPad leaving me my 1GB £5 Sim in my actual phone.  A cellular 2018 iPad lasts on battery for minimum 24hours with screen off as a 4G wifi router. As a result I've no BT anymore in my gaff, I save £35 a month and still get decent 30-45meg downloads and faster 20 meg uploads than I got on premium BT fibre2. 

If you go to Mobile Data in settings in iOS, you can turn off mobile data for individual apps themselves - they are all on by default - turn them all off and you'll use no mobile data at all!!

I always get my new SIM around Black Friday in November. Having an outrageous amount of data, rather than latest phone, is much more important IMO.  Mobile phone companies want you to buy the latest and greatest phone, but not have enough data, so they can hit you for the extra £ in data.  Work out how much mobile data you use PM, then double it and you'll never have a problem or go over the limit.

My vintage iPhone 5s could burn through a months worth of 1GB in data in less than 10 mins, fairly easily..

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