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1 FC Kaiserslautern

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On 28/06/2016 at 10:53 AM, skygod said:

I see the Red Devils are playing a friendly at Brentford, my local club, on 23 July.

 I'll be heading along.


I can't be too far from you Skydog...based in Hillingdon and been down to watch Brentford a few times. They've not been a bad side to watch the last few seasons.

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Very good support from Kaiserslautern (500-600?) with large Killie (Kadikoi) flag on display! It seemed to be quite a big deal for them as they say they don't get many big games in Bundesliga 2.

They sang almost non-stop throughout - Don't Take Me Home, Will Griggs Is On Fire, Wonderwall all in English, of course.

The match itself was a typical pre-season friendly, described by managers as a good work-out and by fans as a crashing bore. Finished 1-1, a ludicrous OG for Brentford and a very well-worked equaliser for 1FCK. I left early as the sheer number of substitutions - 38 players were used -  threatened to grind the match to a complete halt.



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