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Meet the players............

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21 minutes ago, Scouser2 said:

Good Scottish Accents there.............


will be interesting come few weeks time how many of these are in the first choice 11.....

I reckon at most four. The RB, one of the CBs, one of the CMs and maybe one of the strikers.

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3 hours ago, skygod said:

If a lot of them aren't up to it, LC is in trouble.


Let's wait and see the boys play first. When he took the job there were about 6 players who were hardly first division quality, I'm sure at worst these boys will be better than Robinson, Hamill, Westlake etc.

I still expect this is the bones of the squad and when Tope, Higgy and Conrad get new clubs there will be another few experienced guys brought in.

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Quite surprised by some of the comments on here. Moan for years about the team languishing, standard of players and the tactics.

Lee Clark decided enough is enough, gets rid of players we've been moaning about for the last 9 months or longer and some people are still not happy. Did you expect household names, a regurgitation of players from other Scottish clubs, 'who were rejected by them so why would they be good enough for us'?

im not sure it can get too much worse than last season, watching a limp performance v Ross County on a pishing wet midweek with my feet in a puddle of rain water.

How about some positivity to start the season? Everyone said what wonders it did for the team against Hamilton in the 0-4 win, and again at the Play-off at TToP. Give these new players the backing they deserve for wearing the badge. If they're not good enough and LC's blown it, then it's fact and the moaning will be justified.

Come on Killie.

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ICT and Well signed experienced players from lower, even non-league clubs.

Our model seems to be inexperienced players from Premier League and Championship clubs.

Time will tell, but I'm not going to be blindly optimistic. 

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