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Accies home. BetFred, Fred

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4 minutes ago, Jedi2 said:

Does indeed. Millar impact sub, 2nd half. Will see how the 2 up front goes..

Could work. When Cameron came on last week one of the first things he did was put one of the CBs on their arse. Give him an hour roughing them up and then add pace could work well

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Two starters I never expected to see (Branescu/Broadfoot) and two dropped I definitely didn't see coming. 

Is Dicker carrying a knock after last week's thuggery? Bold move dropping club captain if not. 

And Millar? Glad to see Cameron on, but not sure I'd have dropped our only outlet last week, unless protecting him from injury. 

Big statements. But that's why he's been at Chelsea/Juve/Italy and I'm sat in my living room reading Twitter on a Sat afternoon. 

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48 minutes ago, piffer said:

Big changes. Recognition that what we have tried in specific types of game so far hasn’t worked. 

Hopefully we see the benefit of having someone up alongside Brophy. 

I also think it's a recognition that guys who aren't doing the business wont be in tbr team, this I reckon is the final warning shot to the defense as well.

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There are literal 12 year olds broadcasting to an audience Killie TV could only dream of from their phone, but I guess expecting streaming video from a Scottish football club in 2019 is expecting too much.

Seriously though, I was willing to pay while some teething issues were worked out at first, but if its going to be as bad as this, there are other ways.

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