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January transfer

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5 minutes ago, eagle10g1 said:

If anyone from the club explains tomorrow that we can sign from the unsigned players market I’ll explode..imagine also if O Donnell has agreed the Oxford move

They said that in the summer then gave us Simeon Jackson. Anyone relying on that market to save a season is beyond saving

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Totally unacceptable. Looking for 5 resignation letters in the morning, Bowie, McLeish, Jamieson, Fowler and Dyer. To take us from the best team in Scotland in 2018 under SSC, to the worst in the SPFL in 12 months and do nothing about it is mind bogling.  No wonder Bill White and John Kiltie said we can’t work with these imposters and resigned. Shareholders need to step up to the plate at the impending (but late) AGM.

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Just now, Mark Robertson said:

Less than 3 minutes, its time for the real big announcement, Cmon the board 

It's over, the fact we signed Broadfoot shows weve absolutely no plans/ideas. Regardless of his baggage an aging centre half is not what we needed in this window, we needed people who could create at the other end of the pitch, the fact we've not done this shows me they've no idea

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