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Hibs away, Fred

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11 minutes ago, the big ring said:

anyone that saw the match able to advise what was wrong in the first half......tactics or just personnel changes needed ?

Our passing was brutal especially the final third. Midfield sat too deep leaving Sow an impossible job. First 65 minutes were a write off. Last 25 minutes we showed what we can do as a team. 

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We were very poor in the first half and the keeper made an absolute howler! 

The last half hour we were like a different side, the team playing like we know they are capable, missed three good chances and brilliant scenes at the equaliser. Can imagine Hibs will be absolutely gutted, and that makes it even better.

We go again on Wednesday!

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1 hour ago, Qatar_Killie said:

This joke of a manager has to go. And take that goalkeeper with you

Cant believe you are a true Killie supporter .With such a stupid ignorant statement like that. 

Glad we came back to get a draw. To put your statement into perspective.

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1 minute ago, c_u_jimmy said:

OK AA. Tell me when the team will turn up every game and I'll turn up with my pennies accordingly. Utter dross today. Too many waiting for something to happen. Too many expecting to be handed the jersey.

It wasn’t dross. It was a poor 45 minutes. We have them. Every team does.

Who in the team do you feel ‘expects’ to get a jersey and doesn’t perform as a result?

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"I didn't recognise my team" was Alessio's assessment of the first half on the radio. Great character to come back. 

He didn't sound like he was dropping Larry any time soon. Something along the lines of him learning from those moments. If for no other reason that the fixture pile up I'd like to see Koprivec given a go midweek. 

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