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Livi away, Fred.

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2 minutes ago, mitch14 said:

What's worrying me is that it looks boring to play in that system too. Do we have to enter into "did Kirk Broadfoot have a point" question... 

It's all very well keeping the ball and obviously the other team can't score when we have possession but we don't commit enough to attack. The team are set very, very cautiously and to be quite honest they are often very dull to watch. 

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Just now, Big sexy said:

Against hearts we were brilliant or were they just really bad

We killed off the game in 8 mins that day and then, under very little pressure, we looked great...... when teams put the high press on us and at 0-0, we struggle imho and seem to be clueless as how to change things.

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Just now, killie billies pal said:

Celtic were beaten on the same pitch in same conditions, it suits teams that play zero football, someone posted us being  possibly the most boring team in the league, I can give you at least seven teams in the same division who wish they were as pish as us.

In all honesty can you? Take off your blue tinted specs please.

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9 minutes ago, killieblue said:

Aye Kirk broadfoot had a point when his team are battling relegation and we are fighting for top 6. 

He said an enormous amount of pish - but he said he wouldn't have enjoyed his football if he had stayed. Not sure that group look like they are enjoying their football... 

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