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Livi away, Fred.

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Bruce has had an easy time from most of us, because he's very experienced and hides quite effectively so that his total lack of pace is rarely exposed. I've thought in recent games, however, that a couple of fast, robust forwards could easily take him to the cleaners, and this seems to have been the case. We miss Findlay much more than we ought to. And we still haven't found a striker.

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3 minutes ago, historyman said:

Telling that we are 2-0 and even then he doesn't bring on either of the strikers. I'm really beginning to wonder if I will see any of them ever putting the ball in the net for Killie 

He’s sitting far too narrow to get the best out of him, same on the other side, whoever plays in that position is obviously told to sit narrow, frustrating. 

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14 minutes ago, washoot said:

Looking down rather than up I'm afraid.  6th is the best we can hope for at present and even then that's a stretch.

I agree. Won't finish above Well or Hibs and it will be a battle to stay in the top six. Not confident we will do so unless we can bring in some quality in January and we get Finlay back. Bruce is a waste of time, might as well give Johnston a go until Findlay is fit. 

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22 minutes ago, cdj said:

Imho will take far longer than 1 transfer window to sort things out..... JF will not even have a structure in place by the close of the next window...... hopefully the club and supporters realise that this is likely to be a long term project and not a quick fix.

Agreed, but improvements will be made and I can see us finishing comfortably in 5th or 6th. Give him a summer with a proper back office structure, next season is exciting. We missed out on a number of signings in the summer due to mistakes made behind the scenes.


I have every faith that we have the best coach in the league. He just needs to be supported

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Losing as a killie fan is something you can handle. But that was f**king embarrassing. No creativity, desire, fight, intensity or leaders. Pumped to bits from a bang average Livi team. No plan B anyone who presses us high and lets us make idiotic mistakes can sit in knowing we couldn’t score in a brothel. Osman Sow upfront be aswell with Marie Osmond. Wheels coming off whether it’s a lack of personnel or a mentality issue I don’t know. Not good enough. Well done to all who travelled. 

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