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Alessio sacked

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6 minutes ago, Killieboykfc said:

Great move at a good time. In a good position so get someone in to build on that. 

was a stupid appointment in the first place. 

Your aggressive outburst at me a few weeks ago gets more ridiculous every time you post.

Disappointed as I wanted it to work and thought it would but he’s been pretty rubbish let’s be honest. Wish him the best of luck though, seems a nice guy 

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That’s a real shame I think. Whenever I’ve spoken to him or people I’m friendly with have there’s been nothing but genuine warmth and a love of the game. He really didn’t get long enough to put his stamp and ideas across and I hope he goes on to have a good career. 

obviously it’s down to more than the last 3 results as the Hibs comeback showed there was fight in the team. Big appointment needed now and at a time when the Jan window about to open and we need PLAYERS!

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2 minutes ago, KillieDIV said:

Official site has crashed for me. Anyone manage to get on and see the reasoning? 

No reasons. Just ‘relieved of position’, some generic thanks and wishing him all the best and confirming Dyer in temporary charge. 

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Genuinely shocked.

But when a player told me (in public, I’m not some insider) at the calendar signing that it was him or the manager, you start to wonder what the f**k was going on.

I feel sorry for him. It never looked a good fit but he clearly got stuck right in.

Nice to be able to sack a manager in fifth place.


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Now that he is away, can any of the in the know people actually tell us what’s been going on? There’s been rumbled all season but no one has been willing to say anything. Seems a out of the blue time to get rid so agree with the thought above they must have someone in mind

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I wonder if this is due to us having so many players out of contract at the end of the season, and them potentially refusing to renew if Alessio was in charge. Maybe the thinking is we can get a few of them signed before they can sign pre contracts in January. 

If it isn't that then f**k knows. We're sitting 5th ffs. 

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I know things haven't been good since Findlay got injured, but we are sitting in 5th and it's not even christmas in a season where we started with a shambolic transfer window. Can only hope its proven the right decision but it seems a mental one, unless there stuff going on we dont know about

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4 minutes ago, TLC said:

Absolutely crazy. 5th in the table with a guy still new to Scottish football and who was badly let down by the board in the summer. 


Thanks for your efforts, Angelo. 

I agree. Anyone would have struggled in the circumstances. I feel very sorry for him.

But the football was nowhere near good enough and once the results started drying up, it was looking likely.

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