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Next manager of Kilmarnock job

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Just now, PrestersKtid said:

Perhaps the applicants for the job aren’t a high enough standard? Usual McCann, lee clark pish

The issue this season has always been the players. Either not good enough or not giving enough. What manager apart from Clarke could we realistically get that would have them back at that level? 

wouldnt lay the blame all at cathys door either, she was elected by Tik/trust members to be fans representative. No ones perfect but If you don’t want her then go to the meetings and voice your concern. It’s a 3 person board, she could easily have been outvoted. 

dyer confirmed now so get behind him, hopefully get some decent reinforcements in and we can turn this season around


Even Clarke himself wouldn’t get many results with this squad without people like Mulumbu.

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2 minutes ago, Jedi2 said:

The 'acting like spoiled weans' is always played in these situations. Does it emanate from a 'we're Killie, not Real Madrid, need to stop acting like the OF and have an entitlement to be near the top'. In other words 'be realistic...what can we expect for a club this size etc'.

What we can and should expect, is ambition. The ambition which, just over a yea ago saw us sitting top of the League, and dreaming about how long we could there. The ambition that Bobby Fleeting talked about in the famous Grand Hall meeting that we could win a trophy and be playing in Europe in the next 5 years (all of which came true). The ambition which led to Kenny Shiels sending a Killie out at Hampden against a Celtic side on a 26 game unbeaten run. The ambition just 3 short years ago to see the club better run from the boardroom after a 'difficult' few years, to say the least under MJ.

Even BB himself once said 'why can't we win the League'.

Where we appear to have gone from, as a club, is regularly beating the OF, losing once (once!) to a bottom 6 side all season, home and away, and finishing in our highest position for 53 years to now hoping that we can somehow scrape enough points between now and the end of the season to avoid the Championship.

It is not realistic to finish 3rd every year, and that stands for every team outside the OF. However, when a provincial club is either a) well run or b) manages to find an outstanding manager, then they can at least challenge.

For our ambitions to have dropped so dramatically in the space of 6 months is astonishing. Yes, AD might yet turn out to do 'okay', or he might not, lets hope he does. However, the way we have operated since May is not the sign of a club looking to move onto the next level, or at least hold onto what we have achieved.

Spot on. A total mismanagement of our club.

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I will get behind him as the happy clapper I am.  It’s up to Fowler and the board to bring in the 3 creative players we need to turn our season around in January, then get to work on contracts for next season and a decent managerial appointment.  This season is a right off as far as I’m concerned and the board are completely to blame for ruining the best chance we’ve had in a generation to turn this club around.

It seems a long time since ‘bye bye Rangers’. 

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Like others I'm totally underwhelmed by the announcement. Simply because he's too close to the players, he has no Managerial experience, I don't know if he has what it takes to turn it round, and it appears to be the cheap option. However those talking about dropping down two divisions and other comments need to get a grip. He's just in the door and there will be players brought in. Lets see what happens before we slaughter the guy and the board. Who knows it may actually work.....

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10 minutes ago, NorfolkG said:

Wouldn’t have been my choice but it’s vital we all start pulling together.

This is why I found the announcement worrying. There a divide between the club and support now. We need leadership and convincing we are on the right path. Don’t think we’ve seen that and whether he is or isn’t i don’t get that feeling from Dyer that I’ve had from others whether they were good or bad.

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