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Next manager of Kilmarnock job

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1 minute ago, KillieDIV said:

Every time I've heard Boyd speak on sky sports he's came across like a complete moron, so I don't want him anywhere near the setup. 

Saddens me to say it but I agree with this. Goalscoring legend for us on the park, but as a pundit he is taking stupidity to a new level. I cringe every time I listen to him.

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35 minutes ago, Blair K said:

Players are off tomorrow so he must be going home lives in Crawley. Wednesday is the usual day off training 

So my mate had a wee chat with him whilst boarding. Apparently he seemed quite shocked at it all. Also asked him about taking the job on. Apparently wasnt invited to apply in the summer but intimated he fancys it. 

Obviously never gave much away tho. Total gent and a pro. 

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4 minutes ago, Souleycouley93 said:

Dyer would be a well liked boss by the players. I also really like him as a guy but the question is whether he’s got enough about him to be the main man. 


Managers aren't there to be liked, they are there to get results and put the agreed plan of action between them and the board into action.

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