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Buddies away, Fred

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Players need fingers out their arses. So do the board. 

Dyer clearly isn’t the man going forward. Don’t care how good a guy he is with the players or that he worked with Steve Clarke. He’s in fact a constant reminder of those times.

I think we need a clean slate and a manager appointed straight away. I hope to f**k the board hasn’t waited to see how Dyer has done these last few matches before lining up interviews. 

We need the full of January in training and adjusting our squad. We are free falling and seem to have no answers. A good 7-8 players out in January. Board need to make the money available for some quality. 

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3 minutes ago, Ngonge88 said:

Totally disagree. Like previously against Ross County other than his penalty he gave us a good outlet and brought others into play well.

Against Livi I don't think I have ever seen any player look so much like he really, really couldnay give a s**t. 

From the commentary it definitely sounds like St Mirren are much the more likely to get the next goal. Doesn't sound like he are creating anything.

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