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Buddies away, Fred

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A complete shambles. Unorganised and second best all over the park. Really missing Power in the middle of the park. Really need to buck up our ideas in the second half. 

At one point in that half McKenzie and Millar both seemed to be playing at LM with Brophy drifting left from striker and St Mirren were still dominant there. 

It might work bringing Sow on but seemed to me we need an additional man in the middle. Dicker and Wilson as a two isn’t working. 

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2 minutes ago, Killie lad said:

The players needed binned, well and truely found out. 

We have a lot of very average players. The problem is we have lost all the good, key players, SC relied on

Stewart, Mulumbu, Jones, Taylor and even Boyd and simply not replaced the quality that went with them. We are where we deserve to be and we are going to have to fight to stay there otherwise we will sink.

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2 minutes ago, skygod said:

If the board needs the press to tell them we are in trouble, they are truly clueless.



Didn’t say they did? The more negative media attention (which dictates a lot in football sadly) the club get the board will in turn dislike it as it reflects badly on them. 

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