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Killie trust

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On 1/7/2020 at 5:50 PM, DrewWylie said:

Ok deal , by the way who is Robert ?, Thursday or Friday mid morning , you can bring whoever you like , park hotel just let me know 

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Kilmarnock, Monday, 0900

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Update on the MEETING for all you bores, Jim and I couldn’t sort a time that suits so it will likely be next week , Monday is a no no for me as I have a boozy lunch with my pals then a Monday Club , Tuesday I have an all day funeral for one of my pals , Wednesday is a day of rest for me so maybe I’ll see the man on Thursday or Friday , I’ll update you when we have agreed a day/time 

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36 minutes ago, TommyG said:

If you are referring to the action taken to get Michael Johnston out the club then one of them was me and might proud of it I am too. Just like Jim Wilson etc before us took action against the Lauchlans, something had to be done and hitting the man who only cared about money in the pocket was the only way to do it. It was f**k all to do with the Trust, they no doubt had a few people involved but it was fans from all over who took part and in the end it brought in your pal Bowie and the rest they say is history. I'm amazed that anyone can hold a grudge about something that never actually happened against people who weren't even involved, and they missed games so that YOU still have a club. If you don't understand that then its pointless trying to explain it any further. I thought all this was over and we have new problems to face but it seems that some fans get an idea in their head and can't let it go.

I hope you are not suggesting that Jim Wilson ever boycotted Killie? Nothing could be further from the truth if you were.


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7 minutes ago, Riccarton Bluebell said:

I hope you are not suggesting that Jim Wilson ever boycotted Killie. 

I attended a 'Jim Wilson' boycott against the Lauchlan regime back in the 80's, the Boycott was for only the fist half, and despite the fact the board signed Dave McFarlane for £100,000(????) the night before a hard core still boycotted.

The boycott involved sitting in the Killie Club until half time.

Ultimatley like with MJ, fan pressure won out and the Fleeting era came to pass.

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