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New Kit Manufacturer

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37 minutes ago, KennyH80 said:

The bespoke part of the deal is the big selling point for me. Much prefer that we wont be bunched into a template design and that be that.

This is a big thing for me. I didn’t mind the Nike designs but I hated the fact you could go to a variety of junior grounds and they’d be playing in the same kit but with slight colour variations.

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1 hour ago, Wee_Eck1979 said:

You think the quality is better or do you need permission from your wife first?

The quality is definitely better than the 150th anniversary strip. No permission needed just trying to be helpful.

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4 minutes ago, Max1869 said:

OB kit is nice, Everton away likewise but the Coventry kit is honking,  plus it's in satan's colours.

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28 minutes ago, Max1869 said:

Is that Liam Kelly modelling the Coventry kit? 

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9 minutes ago, Squirrelhumper said:

Cov kit is a belter.

Nah not for me and I was around for two tone music,  I'd prefer a 1980 style blue and white version of the man city red and black too from the 90's, and a blue and yellow version of last years Roma Away strip 

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3 hours ago, Beaker71 said:

That could be your body shape tho, if its anything like mine, round is a difficult shape to cover with any style and fit.

Ive never had a Hummel shirt, and I’m not round xD

3 hours ago, Fletch said:

I used to have that impression of the 90's Hummell weird international kits you used to see but you only need to look at Rangers or Middlesbrough kits in recent seasons to see they're kits are of a high quality now.

It’s the Rangers and Middlesbrough shirts I’m basing my opinion on. 

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4 hours ago, struass said:

Stock issues and quality are nothing to do with Ashley. 

Look at this seasons Nike strip for example, people experiencing problems with the sponsor logo peeling & dont get me started on stock availability in the shop at Xmas.

Every manufacturing company sufferes from stock n quality issues at times, no doubt including your own, its not something mutually exclusive to Hummel.

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