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50 minutes ago, Bullitt said:

No thanks. Let's grow our own young players rather than have 8 loans a season with no affinity to the club.

It’s not loans. That’s the issue for Chelsea they can’t loan out 30 odd players anymore. 

The thinking is they sign players for another club with preferential buying clauses for Chelsea. 

For me, the Billy Gilmour’s are possibly 1 in 50, but that’s not to say the other players that could come through, who don’t reach the top of the English premiership, don’t have a value. 

It’s potentially a very lucrative option for an SPL club. 

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1 hour ago, skygod said:

I thought at first you were being ironic but realised you might be serious!

 We had a total of nine loaned players last season and nobody complained about them having no affinity with the club.

Well, except Enobakhare.



It’s a bit different though. Loanee players are fine, when they are coming from the one team with an obligation to play etc it’s a different story. 

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7 hours ago, DuncanEwart said:

I think it is run by Edusport Academy based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which has the aim of providing young French players with football coaching, English language tutoring and life skills.

The Lowland League team is now called Caledonian Braves.

They should be flung out of Scottish football for having such a ridiculously American name. 

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50 minutes ago, Killieboykfc said:

The fact that folk are even considering this as a decent thing is sad imo. We are killie not some English teams wee side project. 

Nah we are just the s**t King's wee side project.

That is way less embarrassing!

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9 hours ago, Monty1998 said:

Don’t see it happening in top league unless it’s sevco. Could only imagine if one of the smaller teams got closer to the duopoly (if the players were better quality).  The media meltdown would be apocalyptic. It’s not fair, more money all the usual crap that comes out when segues are in Europe. 

imagine the spfl meeting Dave, Peter there’s a chance that you might have competition for the title and Europe. 
how do we stop this!! Not happening.

You can guarantee this being invoked if it impacts any of the bigot brothers.....

"There are rules against owners taking stakes in clubs in more than one country and the SFA would have the right to approve or reject such a move"


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