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Gavin Wallace

Episode 5 ofWe Are Killie, for those not on social media...

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2 hours ago, piffer said:

Enjoyed this one. Thought it had a decent flow to it. Everyone finding there podcast form and SOD seems more comfortable in these things than others. I liked the way he kept talking about us for next season. Hopefully he does sign again. 

It sounded like a man intent on staying. Even little things he said about having time to think about things a little more. I walked away from it convinced that if he is offered a decent contract he would sign it.

I know money is tight just now, but let's use this footballing uncertainty to make sure SOD, McKenzie, Brophy and Findlay are offered longer deals on improved terms. Let's build a team around these guys.

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Entertaining and fun listen , great credit to Gavin , Scott and team for keeping these going and other output. SOD came over well (Apart from the quiz) and do hope we see him again playing for us 

While it’s not a current priority in these sad circumstances we are all going through....would presume some work is ongoing atm re contracts and other recruitment plans ......be a real boost if likes of SOD and few others could be signed up on new deals 

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