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A team of players Killie fans loved to hate

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Was watching the you tube of Killie's 2-0 gubbing of A*r in 1988 with my son - remembering the level and prevalence of distaste we had for Henry Templeton.

I recall singing some lovely hymns to his name at the time.

Was thinking over the years of the players that we really loved to dislike....from my era, in addition to HT, targets were:

Simon Stainrod; Derek Cook; Billy Abercrombie...


Can we formulate an 11 man team of players Killie fans loved to hate???

Templeton MUST be in there.

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Fowler Millen Ford Hay

Invincible  Fulton Dicker McKenzie

Nish Boyd


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Airdrie in the 1970s had a whole team of them! I think they were the dirtiest team I've ever seen in Scottish football.

Mark Cowan, for one.

1975-05-03: Celtic 3-1 Airdrieonians, Scottish Cup Final ...

And a red-headed centre-forward called Davie Marshall. You knew it was always going to be a battle against them (when I say a battle, I mean literally fisticuffs!).

Neil Lennon.

Alex Ferguson wasn't very popular!

There must have been some Partick Thistle players too. 

Of Ayr players, I would say maybe Cutty Young as well as Templeton.


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Henry Templeton, Andy Walker, Billy Dodds, Chic Charnley, Gary Harkins, Derek McInnes but especially Darren bloody Henderson who was always touted as a Killie fan

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Ok so I have tried to do a full 1-11 of hated players but I was stretching a bit too much trying to fill positions for the sake of it. 


For the record I would just like to state that the reason I hate most of these players is of course because they are pretty good at what they do.


GK - McGregor.  One of the few entries who are in for his present day antics.  I don't remember "shagger" :33: being this bad when he played for the old Rangers.  He was always a bit of a knob (and a good keeper of course) but since he has came back to Scotland its as if he is trying to be the biggest bam possible to help to appease the Sevco support.


CB: Caldwell.  Enough said.        CB: Pressley.  Always thought he tried to referee games.


MF: Pat McGinlay.  Is it just me?  I remember him being loudly booed when I was a 10 year old and of course he tried to kick Meldrums face off.

MF: Nakamura,  What a cheating arsehole

MF: Petrov.  See above

Strikers - Boyd at Rangers.  Always scored against us.  I think I loved him that much that my hate for him was more than it probably would've been.  Then when he returned to us I loved him even more again in return.

CF: Dougie Arnott.  A personal choice.  As a 7/8/9/10 year old between 94-98 it felt like he always scored against us.

CF: Walker.  The chip penalty, the commentary career.


Manager - Jim Jeffries :)

Referee - Les Mottram with Steven McLean as 4th official.

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Why the hate for Darren Henderson?  I know Darren  - not here to defend him as I know what he's like on the park but I'd be keen to know just for ammunition purposes.  :)    don't think I've seen him mentioned on here ever before.

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